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Puppy Update

Today Finch came to visit. He's (huge) 9 month old German Shepherd. Here's pictures:

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Some News

Romy went to Advanced training last week. I've heard she is there and living with a foster family, like a lodger. They give her a lift to work every day, she goes to the office Monday to Friday and has evenings and weekends to herself. All good.

Abby is having a hard time with the cold. She does not like it. Most the time she merrily walks with me, fine in shops and supermarkets but really not keen on the roads and pavements as it makes her squeal and refuse to walk when her paws get cold. She hops along trying not to put her back legs down. Poor poppet.

I'll have to add some photos later, she's really grown as you might expect. Very beautiful, everso cuddly, and so well behaved!

Visiting dogs

This week Abby has shared her house with two other pups, first for a week Inca, six months old, huge, she could stand under him with clear air between them! That didn't stop her totally dominating him, pinned down he lay silent while she growled "Get out of that big dog! Ha! I have got you!" I think we'll nickname her Scrappy Doo (Scr-Abby doo?)! "Let me at him!" she says.

Second we have Gio for a day. He's a week younger than her and far more solidly built. He makes her look very skinny! Pictures here:


Abby says...

"Aw, I have fallen on me paws 'ere! Got hot water bottle, food thou not as much as I'd want or as often, only four meals a day. Bein a pup the world is my toilet but now I get a treat if I pee or poop outside. Its not bad! Sometimes thou its a bit undiginified, like when I wanted to pee on the door mat and primary pack leader picked me up mid pee(!) and put me outside, in the cold! It wasn't right, I had to pee on the patio instead. And then when I cam back in primary and secondary talked about my poop in front of me, rating it and ticking a box on a chart. Its not right! I'm a nervous pooper as it is.

The playing isn't bad, there are loads of toys and I totally killed the broom. Ha! That'll teach it. There is this hot white thing on the wall, I keep trying to get it to play with me but it just won't. B'ah!"

Nothing for ages...

And then it all comes along at once!

I just heard that Romy is doing Ok. I should get a call from her trainer soon to fill me in on her progress but she has got over her sensitivity to noise. Hurrah!

The Romster with pal Eton

Millie Update

The Girl herself

Today we had a call to say Millie is doing very well, enjoying her work in harness and as long as she can keep focus all looks good. Phew! We should hear again in November.

Millie and Milly

In a new and exciting development we have two Guide Dog puppies temporarily, Millie "our" dog, 11 months old, quite a small Golden Retriever, with us until she goes into training and Milly, a seven month old yellow/golden Labrador who is with us for about a week while her puppy walker is away.

Here's a picture:

Millie is on the left, Milly on the right.

Calling them is relatively easy as long as they both come, if only one cones she looks very confused as you keep calling her name! Telling the right one off is hard especially as Milly is more attuned to her name than Millie so if we shout Milly assumes she is in the wrong and stops what she is doing while Millie carries on doing wahtever it was that she wasn't supposed to do. I wonder if we have confused Millie as we have called her Romy quite a few times or R'Millie!

Puppy adventure!

Last week we travelled to Bristol to see old friends. Romy had a huge number of adventures. We stayed at the excellent Ox House Cottages which I'd recommend to anyone whether they want to make use of the horse facilities or just want a countryside retreat. It is 10 minutes drive from Clevedon and surrounded by fields with plenty of wildlife. Romy preferred the domestic life, sheep!

First stop, a party with old friends. Romy was pretty energetic when we went into the house but calmed down eventually. First there was a lot of frantic scrabbling and grovelling from Romy in the direction of small children in an attempt to get them to play with her. Overall she was pretty well behaved.

Sunday brought more interaction with small people and then a run on a Mendip. She's unfamiliar with hills so was exhausted. Here's a couple of photos:
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Good behaviour

Romy is growing up to be a very beautiful dog. She's behaving well and generally obedient. Today she pleased me enormously as there were two dead, partly eaten pheasants on our walk which she didn't roll in or eat or anything. We are win!


Romy and I went to visit a friend for the evening last night. We watched TV and she annoyed said friends dogs by trying to play or cuddle them for which they were not in the mood. Romy tried to hump one of the other dogs' head which really made other dog cross. I think she may have learned that humping is rude.

One of the programmes we watched was Horizon: The Secret Life of the Dog. Romy really enjoyed this. I hadn't realised she was unusual in the way she watches TV, avidly. The avatar here is of her watching TV at 5 months. My friend's dogs don't go this, they slept and ignored the TV.

I'd throughly recommend the programme, it was very interesting. It is on iPlayer here

Some of the dogs she liked to watch, the others she growled or barked a little. Interestingly the more saggy skin the dog had the more likely she'd bark, St Bernard and Bassett Hounds seemed to particularly bother her. Slim dogs she was just interested, wagging her tail as she sat looking at the screen. When it was all humans she'd lie down for a bit and take it easy. She gave every impression she recognised the images. She tried to collect the two household dogs, perhaps to watch with her. They weren't moving, happy and relaxed where they were, though they did join in the barking at one point. I wonder what she was thinking in her doggy brain. If the programme is to believed she was thinking more than we'd expect.